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Introducing... "The Busy Woman's Guide to Cultivating Calm"

This 30 Day Virtual Retreat makes it a snap for you to change your relationship to stress, reset your daily habits, sleep better and reduce fatigue. Connect with a more grounded, calm and happy version of you.

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Emma Ferris
Hi, I’m Emma Ferris, and I am a Physiotherapist, Breathing coach, mum and entrepreneur who has helped 1000s of women around the world reset their health. My mission is to help you reduce the impact of stress, help you sleep better, feel calmer and be your best healthy version of you.

I'm here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about Cultivating Calm!

Here's the biggest problem you face right now.

It's your mindset and committing to you.

But that's not the end of the problem. It gets worse! Why?

Because if you are not healthy and happy in life, then it impacts every one of your family and friends!

Which means you're not able to do the things you love, you feel like you are tired all the time and you can't be the best, healthy version of you.

And, worst of all, most busy woman can't get past the idea that reducing stress and anxiety is hard.
The following is a message for every busy woman who needs to breathe but can't find the time or tools to do it.
"The month online retreat with Emma has been fantastic. Emma’s daily tutorials, along with the once a week connection time were full of great information, neat new tools and practices to take on board and put into daily routine. Emma’s way of teaching us has drawn me - she connects with us in such a warm, positive, caring and reassuring way that we know we are not along in the struggles we have. I have found the science behind what we are learning brilliant and it all makes sense for me to then put into practice the tools. I’m hoping to do an in person retreat with Emma in the near future because I enjoyed this so much."

- Megan Scott. New Zealand
But luckily for you, there's now a solution to your problem!!
But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you...
There I was, I was a busy, stressed and exhausted mother of a 10month old baby, running my growing physiotherapy practice. I had built my clinic from scratch four years previously and been on a stress treadmill since I was a teenager. It was at that time that I was at my physical low. I was trying to run my clinic, be a mum and a wife and feeling like I was failing at everything.

The thing is, at the time, there was never enough energy or hours in the day to be there for everyone. Especially myself.

The big problem was that when my little boy was about to turn one, my husband put his hand up and said 'I'm struggling and don't feel great". We realised then that he had been struggling with depression and had probably felt this way since he was a teenager. That meant the pressure went on me, even more, and I was already running on empty and exhausted. At that moment, I felt like I could lose everything. 

The one person that was supposed to be there for me while I was building this business and raising this little boy was now at his lowest and wasn't able to function at his best. This feeling of fear of losing him pushed me into survival mode, even more than I had already been when I was sick during my pregnancies and running my growing business. I felt the financial pressure as my husband wasn't feeling well enough to work. 
Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...
I realised I had the power to change what was happening in my life and it call came down to I had to how I was living my life. While I ate ok and I exercised I was missing the one vital essential tool that is the foundation of health. It was the way I was breathing. My breathing habits were contributing to keeping me in this stressed state and being the catalyst for my loss of energy, not sleeping and irritability!

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to change my reaction to stress. I had been teaching it for the past decade but hadn't put it into day to day practice myself. Because of making that change, I got my health, energy and sparkle back. Something that felt like was lost.

I planned to start researching all the ways stress changes the body(the good, bad and the ugly) and the tools that people had been using to reduce stress and increase energy for years.

I started to put the breathing tools into action every day, I did the movement exercises to dissolve stress, and I worked on my internal wiring, and my self talk when it came to stress. But I didn’t stop there.

I then started using these tools with my patients and seeing how their life changed for them, and I knew I had to share the wisdom I had learned.

From this learning, I birthed my business baby, The Breath Effect. My mission was clear. I was to inspire women that were ready and committed to change their relationship to stress, change their physiology and find calm. I knew as a mum, I wanted to tailor something just for women and help them deal with the pressure created by multitasking, juggling and being superwomen. 

The reality is our body and mind are not designed to function in a constant stressed state.

For me, it was a game-changer implementing these tools into my day to day life. In the end, I was able to reduce stress, start to tune into what my body and listen to what my heart was saying, taking away the overwhelm that likes to creep in.

Building on that success of The Breath Effect, I have set up Women's Wellness Retreats around the world with one of best friends, Sarsha Hope. While I love the bubble of going on retreat and experiencing the feeling of being immersed on retreat, what I found was it was hard for women to assimilate the tools back into their day to day lives.

To combat that I wanted to create a Virtual Retreat that allows you to learn these tools in real-time, practice when you can be most triggered and learn in the moment how you bring yourself back to calm. I also wanted this to connect with women over 30 days to give you a chance, in this supportive environment, to reset habits that have been blocking and sabotaging you being your healthiest version of you!

All from the comfort of your home, wherever they are in the world.

I call it “The Busy Woman's Guide to Cultivating Calm”. 

With the tools I teach in The Busy Woman's Guide to Cultivating Calm I can now relax my body and mind naturally without the drugs, caffeine, alcohol or other vices I may have used in the past to make me numb out. 

Now I am the best place of my life, with energy, overflowing gratitude, and I am now ready to share that with the world!

And that is why I am so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

So here's what I've got for you today...

If you're a busy woman who needs to breathe but can't find the time or tools to do it, here's the solution you've been looking for...

"The Busy Woman's Guide to Cultivating Calm" Helps You:
* Reduce overwhelm in the moment...

* Feel less stress and creates more moments of calm...

* Improves your sleep...

* Feel more energy...

* Find better balance in your life...

... and much, MUCH more!

And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "The Busy Woman's Guide to Cultivating Calm" in the first week as you start to practice the exercises. All for less than the costs of a yoga class each day.

So again, if you're a committed woman who wants to feel less stress and overwhelm, know this:

It is never too late to change the way your body reacts to stress and reduce anxiety...

The longer you stay stuck in survival mode, the longer lasting impact this will have on the rest of your body, mind and emotions...

You deserve to put yourself first and be the best healthy version of you...

"This retreat was amazing! You are so kind and knowledgeable and really made the retreat a safe place. The breath work was my absolute favourite. I really didn’t realise how much I didn’t breathe! Go figure. I think the most important part was how understanding and accepting you are. Your energy and attitude really made the retreat! ."

- Sonja B. New Zealand
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If you're sick and tired of battling stress and overwhelm, then The Busy Woman's Guide to Cultivating Calm is the solution you've been looking for... let's get started today! Retreat Starts January 18th!!!
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Here's Everything You Get Today
Cultivating Calm Tips, Tricks & Tools Every Busy Woman Needs To Know 

This 30 Day Virtual Retreat makes it a snap for you to change your relationship to stress and Sleep better, reduce fatigue and stress and be more grounded, calm and happy for yourself and family.
The Insiders Guide to Cultivating Calm
This e-workbook and planner holds the secret for you to track your progress and start to discover the power of small changes. This helps you create tools and tricks you can come back to when life gets tough and commit to a new grounded and kinder version of yourself.
Quick & Easy Cultivating Calm Tips, Tricks & Tools for Busy Women 
This group coaching is your solution to implement the wisdom that you learn over the course while connecting with other like-minded women who are ready for change. Be inspired to create the change you are ready for. Feel more grounded, be kinder to yourself and connected to what truly matters to you.
Act Now And Get These Incredible Bonuses...
Secrets To Destress
Private Podcast
This Private Podcast is your secret to practising exercises and listen to interviews when you are with kids, commuting or on the go. The podcasts will help you learn and implement the tools that put your health first and implement the wisdom straight away for real-life moments of calm.
The Busy Woman's Guide to Destress 
Live Training
This live training each week helps you to get real-time feedback when practising the breathing exercises. Here you can ask questions about techniques, share your wins and your challenges and conquer your fears, tuning in to what is essential in your life.
Health Secrets From Top Experts Every Women Should Know
Video Interviews
These interviews with leading women's health coaches and professionals give you the secret to learning holistic tools for managing stress, anxiety and improving sleep. Learn from a group of inspiring women who share their stories to finding their optimal health and wellness.  
The value in this Virtual Retreat experience is fantastic. 
Usually $5185 and for today only it is $497! 
Saving you $4688!!
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
"The breathing space Emma creates is a gift to all those who attend. A beautiful environment, wonderful women and amazing insights makes for a transformative experience for all. If anyone is contemplating attending this experience they should stop contemplating and just do it!"

- Sue L. New Zealand
Sign up now as places are limited and Retreat starts 18th of January
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7 Day Money Back Guarantee
If "The Busy Woman's Guide to Cultivating Calm" doesn't help you reduce overwhelm in the moment... if you don't feel less stress and more moments of calm... or if it fails to improve your sleep within the first 7 days of the retreat... then we'll refund your money. No Questions Asked! All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain with your Cultivating Calm results!

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  • Cultivating Calm Tips, Tricks & Tools Every Busy Woman Needs To Know- 30 Day Video Course ($1997 Value)
  • The Insiders Guide to Cultivating Calm- E Workbook ($197 Value)
  • Quick & Easy Cultivating Calm Tips, Tricks & Tools for Busy Women - Group Coaching ($997 Value)
  • Bonus #1 Secrets To Destress- Private Podcast ($197 Value)
  • Bonus #2 The Busy Woman's Guide to Destress- Live Training ($797 Value)
  • Bonus #3 Health Secrets from Top Experts Every Woman should know- Video Interviews ($1997 Value)
Total Value: $5185
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For $497
If you are ready to change your physiology, change your reaction to stress and start feeling the difference in your relationships then this retreat is for you.
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